Operations & Partnerships

Orano operates the McClean Lake Mill, which processes uranium ore from the high-grade Cigar Lake Mine. Orano is also a partner in the McArthur River Mine and Key Lake Mill.


Orano has been exploring for uranium in Canada for over 50 years. Exploration methods have evolved over the years but the ultimate goal remains the same – discovering the next large and economic uranium deposit.


In all of our projects and operations, we have the end in mind. We give consideration to decommissioning at the onset. Environmental protection is considered every step of the way.
Public relations

phone: 1 (306) 343-4500

Community Investment

Orano’s community investment pillar is primarily focused on community initiatives and organizations in the regions near our operations and activities or where our employees reside. Orano also provides scholarships for post-secondary students from northern Saskatchewan.

Incident Notification

This information notifies the public of incidents that may be important to them, remedial actions undertaken, and their potential effect on health, safety and the environment.

Mining operations

The group holds a broad portfolio of mines in operation (Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger), as well as projects under development (Africa).