Somaïr open pit mine. Arlit. Niger

AREVA’s mining activities comprise the exploration, extraction and processing of uranium ore as well as the reclamation and monitoring of sites after they have been mined.

After new uranium deposits have been identified, the technical and economic feasibility of mining them is assessed. When feasibility is proven, the uranium ore is extracted using the method – underground mining, open-pit mining, or in situ recovery – adapted to the deposit’s specific characteristics..


Exploration: finding new uranium deposits

As the first stage in AREVA's mining activities, exploration consists of identifying the most promising uranium deposits containing economically and technically minable uranium.

Drum loading facility at the Somaïr ore processing plant. Niger

Extracting and processing uranium ore

Uranium ore is extracted in several steps. Once extracted, the ore is transported to a processing plant, where it is purified and concentrated to obtain yellowcake.

Reclaiming former mine sites

AREVA begins thinking about the end-of-life of its mining sites during the planning stages of mining projects. When mining has ended, the sites are dismantled and reclaimed in strict compliance with current environmental standards and in cooperation with local communities.

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By developing the synergies between AREVA’s carbon-free offers, the group’s 44,000 employees help supply as many people as possible with safer, cleaner and more economical energy.

Mining facilities in Niger

Niger's uranium potential is currently being developed by 2 Nigerien companies: SOMAÏR AND COMINAK. AREVA is the majority shareholder of both companies.

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