Safety, Health & Environmental Stewardship

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Safety Measures & Reporting

The safety of Orano employees and contractors is a core company value. We continually strive to improve upon our safety performance through risk management, personnel training, workplace monitoring, and adherence to safety policies, procedures and good practices.

Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through the actions we take to reduce risk in the workplace and is evidenced by the low workplace accident rates achieved by employees at our McClean Lake operation, Saskatoon offices, and exploration camps. The constant focus on safety throughout our operations is a direct result of our company culture where everything starts with safety in mind.

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Health Protection Measures & Reporting

Orano Canada takes care in ensuring that employees are protected from radiation exposure while working at the McClean Lake mill. The average radiation dose of McClean Lake employees in 2018 was 0.91 mSv.

To put this into perspective, the typical Canadian's exposure to natural background radiation is 1.8 mSv/year while the average limit for Canadian uranium workers is 20 mSv/Year. And, the radiation dose for a single full body CT Scan is 10 mSv.

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Environmental Monitoring During Activities

Environmental monitoring at Orano’s operations is ongoing throughout the projects life cycle, beginning with exploration, continuing during operations and through to decommissioning. Orano's framework of policies, procedures and monitoring programs ensure that our activities and emissions from exploration, mining and uranium processing are respectful and protective of the environment.

As part of our commitment to environmentally sustainable operations, Orano supports the independent work of groups like the Northern Saskatchewan Environment Quality Committee (NSEQC) and the Ya'Thi Néné (formerly Athabasca Working Group - AWG) community-based Environmental Monitoring Program.

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Decommissioning Environmental Studies

Orano performs a number of environmental monitoring initiatives at its currently decommissioned site, the former Cluff Lake mine.

Until 2017, environmental monitoring and inspections were completed four times per year, however as of 2018 inspection will now be conducted annually; and the site is examined every two years by a qualified geotechnical engineer. Inspected areas include the former pits, waste rock pile, and tailings management area.

The monitoring programs show that the site has met performance objectives determined in the environmental assessment at present and in the long-term.

Orano received decommissioning environmental assessment and licensing approvals for the site from regulatory agencies in 2004. As part of the assessment, we completed groundwater and contaminant studies to consider the long-term surface water quality of the site. Decommissioning surface water quality objectives were developed with regulatory agencies to be protective of the post-closure environment.

Orano also completed an ecological and human health risk assessment, which considered the potential post-closure impacts of the project through the food chain and eventually to humans visiting the site for traditional uses, such as hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. The assessment concludes that the site is safe, stable, and available for traditional activities.
Public relations

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Northern Scholarships

Orano provides scholarships for post-secondary students from northern Saskatchewan each year. We have been contributing to the education of northern students for more than 40 years.

Community Investment

Orano’s community investment pillar is primarily focused on community initiatives and organizations in the regions near our operations and activities or where our employees reside.

Incident Notification

This information notifies the public of incidents that may be important to them, remedial actions undertaken, and their potential effect on health, safety and the environment.

Mining operations

The group holds a broad portfolio of mines in operation (Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger), as well as projects under development (Africa).