Orano Canada and its predecessor companies have been exploring for uranium, developing uranium mines and producing uranium concentrate since 1964 — that’s over 50 years!

Throughout our history, we have primarily operated within northern Saskatchewan with several exploration projects located elsewhere in Canada, such as Alberta and Nunavut.

Orano’s presence in Canada began with the exploration and development of the Cluff Lake project in the western Athabasca Basin of northern Saskatchewan.

In 1969, the first Cluff Lake uranium orebody was discovered and by 1980, operations began at the newly built mine and mill. The mine was shut down in 2002 and has since been decommissioned.

In preparation of future activities, in 1993, Orano acquired majority interest and operational control of the McClean Lake and Midwest projects in the eastern Athabasca, and the Kiggavik project in Nunavut.

In 1995, Orano began mining at the McClean Lake site while also starting construction on its uranium processing mill. By 1999, uranium concentrate (yellowcake) production began at the newly finished mill. In following years, McClean Lake became the first uranium operation in North America to achieve and maintain ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system and to obtain OHSAS 18001 international occupational health and safety management system certification.

From 2010 to 2014, the McClean Lake mill was placed under care and maintenance while awaiting the arrival of ore from the Cigar Lake mine, then under construction. By 2012, in preparation for the processing of high-grade ore from Cigar Lake, upgrade and expansion construction work began at the mill. In October, 2014, coinciding with Orano’s celebration of 50 years in Canada, the McClean Lake mill restarted with the processing of all ore from the newly opened Cigar Lake mine.

Today, our exploration efforts continue near the Midwest project which has received approval for its environmental assessment. Ore from the proposed mine would be processed at the McClean Lake mill 17 kilometres away. There is also significant exploration activity near the now mined out Sue area mines at McClean Lake and near the Cigar Lake mine.

In recent years, the Orano exploration team has also concentrated its efforts on the Shea Creek orebody which shows significant positive results. Situated in the western Athabasca Basin, it is one of the largest known undeveloped uranium resources in Canada.

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Orano Canada is one of Canada’s leading uranium explorer and producers. Today, we employ nearly 500 people in the province of Saskatchewan.

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Public relations

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Northern Scholarships

Orano provides scholarships for post-secondary students from northern Saskatchewan each year. We have been contributing to the education of northern students for more than 40 years.

Community Investment

Orano’s community investment pillar is primarily focused on community initiatives and organizations in the regions near our operations and activities or where our employees reside.

Incident Notification

This information notifies the public of incidents that may be important to them, remedial actions undertaken, and their potential effect on health, safety and the environment.

Mining operations

The group holds a broad portfolio of mines in operation (Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger), as well as projects under development (Africa).