Dialogue and transparency

In line with its policy of openness and transparency, AREVA meets regularly with local authorities and representatives of civil society and the local population to maintain an ongoing dialogue. The group participates in several structures set up for the purpose of sharing information and to responding to stakeholders’ questions and concerns.

Structures for dialogue

The group maintains an open dialogue with stakeholders to be attentive to their concerns and to inform them about its activities. Dedicated structures have been created in Niger so that information can be regularly shared with local authorities and the population.

Fully transparent reporting

AREVA’s mining sites in Niger regularly publish information concerning their activities. Detailed reports are transmitted to Nigerien authorities and to civil society organizations. In accordance with its transparency policy, AREVA meets with non-governmental organizations opposed to nuclear energy and provides precise replies to their questions.

AREVA’s environmental actions in Niger
Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

AREVA’s mining operations in Niger undergo regular, detailed environmental inspections to reduce their impact and keep local populations informed.

AREVA’s public health actions in Niger
Cominak hospital. Akouta. Niger. Africa

As the country’s leading private-sector employer, AREVA has been committed to ensuring the best possible health conditions for its employees since it began operations in Niger.