Environmental monitoring: freshwater sampling. Village near Cominak. Akouta. Niger. Africa

As part of its commitment to a global sustainable development policy, AREVA makes every effort to protect the environment while carrying out its activities. The group has an active policy on risk prevention and the reduction of its consumption and discharges, and it does as much as possible to minimize its residual impact on the natural milieu and the population.

To do this, the group continually improves its competencies and finds innovative solutions for the management of its activities. The mining companies track and regularly report on their environmental performance, using a surveillance network for water, air, soil, the food chain, waste rock and contaminated materials.

Environmental monitoring: sampling water. Somaïr ore processing plant. Niger

Strict water management

The mining companies keep a close watch on their discharges and have a water surveillance network for this purpose. They take multiple steps to reduce their environmental footprint and the quantity of water drawn from the natural milieu.

Aquifer management is a major concern of the group.

Environmental monitoring: air sampling at the Somaïr ore processing plant. Niger

Managing air, soil and food chain quality

The mining companies SOMAÏR and COMINAK monitor the impact of their discharges on the environment by regularly checking for the presence of radioactive elements (radon gas and radioactive dust) in the soil, the air, and the food chain.

Somaïr ore processing plant. Niger

Responsible management of waste rock and contaminated materials

AREVA has developed procedures for monitoring contaminated waste rock, materials and equipment off-site, in the streets and public areas of the mining towns. The group strives to reduce its environmental footprint and takes care to see that its activities are not harmful to the public.

AREVA’s public health actions in Niger
Cominak hospital. Akouta. Niger. Africa

As the country’s leading private-sector employer, AREVA has been committed to ensuring the best possible health conditions for its employees since it began operations in Niger.

AREVA’s social initiatives in Niger
AREVA foundation partnered with the Urban Community of Arlit, Niger to create a public library. Arlit, Niger.

AREVA’s social policy in Niger includes programs for local economic development, education, health and emergency aid.

AREVA group
AREVA's headquarters in Paris, France

By developing the synergies between AREVA’s carbon-free offers, the group’s 44,000 employees help supply as many people as possible with safer, cleaner and more economical energy.